Monday, January 24, 2011

Halted usage of domains

I'm afraid all domains are blocked by Facebook. When sharing links to the wall, there is no title, image and description. Also when users click on the link, facebook will say page not found or warn you that you are being redirected to a blocked site. We also cannot use domains for applications. When you set the settings, it will say URL is invalid.

Because of this, I am halting all use of domains. The $10 I donated to get 100 more domains is a waste. I can't use these domains to spread or share my games/apps' links.

I used to recommend this to colleagues and friends, but now I am asking everybody to also stop the usage of the said domain. You will not get anything good out of it. I now recommend purchasing a real .com (>$10/year) or .info (<$2/year).

In other news, I will be creating a new blog for personal posts. It is a wordpress blog, unlike this development / flash gaming site that uses blogger. I have just setup the wordpress and doesn't really contain anything at the moment:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Universal Sniper and project updates!

For the past few weeks, I have been working with in creating nloddy sniper games. After considerable cups of coffee and 1 broken mouse, we bring you, Universal Sniper. It is an outer space first-person shooting game.

Shawn (from Sniper Assassin series) has a friend named Eric, who was his best friend in Sniping academy. Eric now faces his own dilemma and is forced be Aliens to do assassination jobs for them. Using Heave'n Punishment rifle, he now snipes at planetary distances!

Unfortunately for this game, we were unable to implement Mochimedia's analytics, so we can't track its performace all over the net. However we will be utilizing Mochi for the next episodes / games, so expect leaderboards and the like.

The next episode, Universal Sniper II is also being planned at the moment. We will keep you posted on updates, release dates and announcements. Follow this blog, or join my fan page!

While we all wait for another installment, another shooting game is under way, namely "Bloody Escape". We'll post again once it is ready for release. It's a quickie but still fun! We loaded this one with Mochi tracking codes so we'll have a highscore submission, and we can see the number of game plays no matter what site it is hosted!

You can play Universal Sniper on these sites!
Links open in a new tab and laucnhes the game directly on browser.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MouseHunt Bot 2

MouseHunt recently updated to Version 3, codenamed "LongTail". A make-over was done to the application and there are many exciting changes, specifically the Ajax-type loading. For those who do not know, Ajax is when only a part of the page is loaded instead of the whole page. Many people were happy and can't wait to play.

This is in contrast with a few people who use bots. Their previous bot engines might not work on this new version. If you're one of these people, I have a good news for you. dragonjet MouseHunt Bot is updated. It has a New Interface, a facebook "Like button", and an advertisement. It still has the old functionalities intact.

There is a new horn URL that I've implemented in this update. I want to use this new one even though there are reports that the old horn URL works. The thing is that if the admins check the people who are using the old horn URL, that means that their horns are automated and didn't really come from the MouseHunt official interface. While my bot uses the new interface's button.

Update: September 10, 2010
I have removed the bot's link in this post. Usage of the old bot might be dangerous for your account. Additionally, the domain has been directed to this blog. All other contents of the old domain are inaccessible.